Agri-Tech: Helping UK Farmers lead the way

At NFU Mutual we’re taking care of tomorrow’s farms today.

From self-driving tractor technology that reduces chemical usage and improves yields today, to the tech of tomorrow, we’re here to give the support you need.

Agri-Tech Report

Investing in agri-tech needs careful planning and consideration which is why we have worked with a number of experts to produce an NFU Mutual agri-tech report. This report aims to help farmers make the right choices to farm sustainably, profitably and safely. It will share insight, expert views and case studies relating to a range of agri-tech developments, including precision growing, livestock sensors, autonomous tractors and drones. 

 Download a copy of our Agri-Tech Report 2019 [PDF:  500KB]

Agri-Tech Video

Agri-Tech Podcast

Will is at Intelligent Growth Solutions in Scotland to understand how vertical farming works and how it can create a perfectly controlled environment for growing. He also visits CowAlert to see the latest in livestock tagging technology, and talks more widely to the experts about how agri-tech is shaping the future of farming.