Ahead of the Field podcasts

We have launched a series of podcasts to provide farmers with in-depth insight on farm business topics.

Our podcast  ‘Ahead of the field’, is narrated by Will Evans, voice of the popular ‘Rock and Roll Farming’ podcast series.

It features farmers across the UK talking about topics such as diversification, using drones on the farm and farm finances to name but a few.

You can listen to the podcasts via the links below or find them on your smartphone by searching for ‘NFU Mutual’ in your podcast app.

1. Trailer

2. Agri Contracting at Lyndon Farms

We're at Lyndon Farms in Leicestershire to hear how Simon Smith and his family have successfully diversified into agri contracting. How did they do it, and what advice do they have for other farmers thinking about making the same move?

3. Bonus Episode - Inheritance Tax & Diversification

Diversifying your farming business can have implications for inheritance tax, and Sean McCann, a Chartered Financial Planner with NFU Mutual, talks about what inheritance tax factors you should consider before taking the plunge.

4. Brewing & Distilling at Ramsbury Estate

We visit the Ramsbury Estate in North Wiltshire to hear how they've diversified their farming business with a successful brewery, distillery, charcuterie and oil press. Will meets Alistair Ewing, who's managed the process, hears his stories and gets advice for other farmers looking to diversify into the food and drink business.

5. Bonus Episode – Insurance

Insurance is an important factor to consider when diversifying your farming business. Whilst visiting the Ramsbury Estate, Will Evans recorded this short bonus episode with Chris Walsh - one of NFU Mutual's experts on Rural Affairs

6. Organic Farm Shop & Take-Away at Rhug Estate

The Rhug Estate in North Wales has diversified from traditional farming to create a successful organic farm shop and take-away, including a thriving export business and the UK's first farm drive-through. Will meets the owner, Lord Newborough, and his staff to hear how they did it and what other farmers could learn from their experience

7. Bonus Episode – Pensions

How could your pension help your plans to diversify your farming business? Will talks to Sean McCann, a Chartered Financial Planner with NFU Mutual, to get some advice.

8. Holiday Rentals & Speedboat Tours at Portnellan Organic Farm 

On the banks of Loch Lomond, Portnellan Organic Farm has diversified to welcome holiday makers and tourists with 4-star cottages, glamping and speedboat tours. Will meets Chris Scott-Park and his father David, to hear how they've breathed new life into their business.

9. Drones

Drones are fun to play with, but can they have a significant impact on our everyday work on the farm? And how do you make sure you’re not breaking any laws or regulations? Will visits Hampton House Farm in Warwickshire and talks t Toby, drones experts, the Civil Aviation Authority and even the police, to bring you all the details.

10. Bonus Episode - Engineering inspection

What farmers need to know about engineering inspections - How to make sure you stay safe and meet your legal obligations. Will Evans recorded this short bonus episode with David Harrison - one of NFU Mutual's experts on Rural Affairs.

11. Creating an online shop at "The Present Tree"

Catherine Cunningham set herself the challenge of creating an online business from the family farm in County Antrim with a small initial investment. 5 years later, The Present Tree sells thousands of tree gifts every year, and are planning further expansion.