Customer Testimonial

SUM-IT Farm Software, we are a small, passionate team whose sole purpose has always been to help make farmers’ lives easier.

Over our 40 years in existence, we have seen many suppliers come and go but NFU Mutual has been one of our trusty suppliers who have been with us throughout almost our entire journey. Here’s why we have had NFU Mutual by our side for so long. 

Genuinely personal service  

Throughout all our dealings with NFU Mutual we have always received a helpful, genuine and friendly service which gets our issues solved. 

Historically, we deal with NFU Mutual’s Bideford agency where we immediately get to talk to a member of their team who is informed about who we are and what it is we are after. Our queries are sorted with very little hassle and we’ve never had to chase them or follow-up. 

As a business ourselves who prides itself on offering ‘above and beyond’ customer service, it is so refreshing to work alongside another company who shares our values. 

Hassle-free handling 

Whenever it comes to actually having to make a claim on insurance, there is always that niggling fear that the insurance company will find some tiny nuance to make it invalid. 

In the 40 years we’ve been trading, there have been a few instances we have needed to make a claim and there has never been any 'small print' thrown at us. Our experience with the claims handling team has always been pretty painless and it has been so reassuring to know that we don’t need to jump through a million unnecessary loops. Speaking with a friendly, knowledgeable person has helped in not adding to the stress during these tricky times. 

They understand farming folk! 

Our roots and passion have always been with British farmers and we really appreciate the fact that NFU Mutual still very much has this farming link. There is nothing that quite compares to the agricultural industry and for ‘outsiders’ it can be a funny industry to fathom. That’s why having our insurance with NFU Mutual has made it extra simple and straightforward, as we feel they genuinely understand us and our customers. 

We love the emphasis they place on supporting the countryside, farmers and their families and we hope they continue to provide valuable support for British farmers, into the uncertain future and beyond. 

Regular Review 

These days, it is so easy to compare companies, look at reviews and switch suppliers. However, we haven’t just blindly stuck with NFU Mutual throughout all these years.  As with other areas of business, we have periodically reviewed our insurance and our suppliers. Whenever we have looked into other liability insurers to see if we could get the price down, NFU Mutual generally come out pretty reasonable and we feel the above ‘benefits’ we receive from NFU Mutual outweigh any small saving we may make going elsewhere. 

Furthermore, we receive a Mutual Bonus which provides a saving on our insurance renewal premium each year which certainly adds to our incentive to stay. 

In short, we continue to find NFU Mutual very easy to do business with, which in these increasingly complex, automated times is very refreshing indeed – we hope they never change. 

All views here are expressed independently by Steph Ley at SUM-IT Computer Systems LTD