Cheese manufacturer's recipe for success

Video: Creating Lincolnshire Poacher cheese

Have you ever tasted Lincolnshire Poacher cheese? This hard cow’s cheese has won medals at both UK and global cheese awards, and in this video Lincolnshire dairy farmer Simon Jones explains how to create this delicious product - and it all starts with fresh, local ingredients.

“We grow the grass, milk the cows and make the cheese – so few people do that these days. One of the beauties of our cheese is that the warm milk is made straight into cheese directly after milking,” explains Mr Jones. Caring for the cows is high on Mr Jones’ agenda.

“For me, the most important thing is fresh, delicious grass – we don’t put any fertiliser on our grass – and we grow as much of our own feed as we possibly can,” explains Mr Jones.

So how do you recognise a good cheese? It’s all in the texture, which should be “almost candlewax-y”, according to Mr Jones, and it should have a crescendo of flavours which last for well over a minute when you taste it.

The farm, which has been a customer with NFU Mutual for three generations, has also had a lot of support from local restaurants and shops. “I’m always surprised and delighted when people say, ‘I’ve tried your cheese in a restaurant’. It’s a real boost and it gets you out of bed in the morning,”says Mr Jones.