Horse rider Holly talks about protecting the life she loves

Holly Osborne features in a video where she describes how she fell in love with horse riding and how she ensures she is protected physically and financially should she ever be injured.

Holly Osborne works full time, but that doesn’t stop her from pursuing her dream of horse riding.

“Riding quickly became more than just a hobby. It felt almost like therapy for me.”

Holly recently got back into horse riding after a few years away following her father’s untimely death.

“I was a just a baby when I started and it was mainly because of my Dad. He was always the one who got me up and encouraged me to earn money to fund my hobby.

“Sadly, he passed away three years ago, but even though he was ill, he would always make the effort to come and watch me. He was the only one who did – the rest of the family are terrified of horses!”

Holly now loves horse riding so much that she finds the time to do it around her busy schedule. “Horses are hard work. It’s a full-time job in itself and you have to fit it round another full-time job.”

It means making a lot of sacrifices. However, for Holly, this is nothing compared with her love for her horse. “Barney’s half-shire half-thoroughbred,” she says, “and I know everybody says this, but he is the best horse ever. He has taught me everything.”

Returning to eventing is Holly’s dream, with possibly one day having her own yard. But horse riding is dangerous, and Holly knows that the risk of a big accident will never go away.

“It’s scary to think what could happen if I had a big fall,” she says. “It would have a huge impact on my life. Not just work, which is my income, but it would be heartbreaking if I couldn’t ride either. If you’re injured with no income, it becomes hard to survive.”

If injured, Holly wouldn’t be able to take care of Barney – the cost of travel, bills and upkeep, on top of annual costs such as jabs, would become too much to manage.

“I don’t think I could find anything to replace the feeling of riding,” says Holly. “I couldn’t give it up – I’d have to keep it in my life to keep me on track. I love the freedom of going out and blasting the stress away. It’s just you and your horse, and that’s all that matters.”

“I still get goosebumps when I’m riding my horse sometimes – It’s the best feeling. Barney is amazing, and he makes me happy!”

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