Car driving down road whilst sun is setting


From country roads to motorway driving

October is traditionally one of the UK’s wettest months and with this in mind, plays host to TyreSafe’s annual tyre safety month when driving becomes even more perilous.

Organised by the not-for-profit organisation, tyre safety month is a nationwide campaign aimed at getting drivers to check their tyres to make sure they are safe and legal.

This year the campaign’s main theme will be focusing on encouraging car owners to check their tyre pressures to ensure they are properly inflated.

Tyre pressure is vitally important for a car’s safety, no matter if it’s travelling along a rural track or in urban driving.

However, it is perhaps even more crucial when pulling a trailer, horsebox, or the like, which means that the tyres on the vehicle being pulled should also be inspected - and that includes any spares.

Yet despite how easy it is to carry out regular tyre pressure checks, it's a task that many drivers don’t do.

Indeed, recent results from a pan-European survey by one TyreSafe member involving more than 27,000 cars found that 78 percent were being driven on under-inflated tyres.

Even more alarming was the fact that more than a quarter of the sample (28.4 percent) had tyres that were either seriously or severely under-inflated, greatly reducing their safety on the road.

So to help motorists, TyreSafe has launched for the first time an on-line dealer locator for car owners to use during tyre October help them find tyre retailers and dealers offering free tyre health checks throughout the month. It can be found at

And the even better news is that NFU Mutual - no stranger to promoting tyre safety having previously worked with the British Horse Society organising a series of free-to-attend safety seminars among other things- will once again be putting its full support tyre safety month this year.

So let’s get checking those tyres – it could just save a life.

Stuart Jackson

Chairman, TyreSafe