charity worker teaching a child


Hemel Hempstead Announce Agency Giving Fund

Hemel Hempstead Agency is proud to have nominated local charity Playskill, to receive a donation of £6,451.62 from the national £2 million ‘NFU Mutual Agency Giving Fund’.

In light of the national emergency our country is continuing to face, NFU Mutual has allocated a £2million fund help local frontline charities during 2021. This follows £1million of support delivered by NFU Mutual’s Agency Giving Fund in 2020, which helped charities across many sectors to keep their life-changing services going throughout the pandemic.

To ensure these donations reach all corners of the UK and are directed where they’re needed most, NFU Mutual’s Agents, with over 300 offices nationwide, have been given the opportunity to nominate local charities to receive a share of the fund. The funds will offer support as lockdown measures continue to impact our communities, providing both emergency support and to help build long-term resilience.

The Hemel Hempstead Agency nominated Playskill to receive this support, to help deliver their important work.

This donation will allow Playskill to continue their vital early intervention work supporting children with physical disabilities and their families during a time when many other services have paused or been interrupted due to the pandemic. Thanks to NFU Mutual our children will continue to receive weekly therapy from a Physio, Occupational and Speech and Language therapists. During these incredibly challenging times we are incredibly grateful for this wonderful support.

NFU Mutual’s £2million Agency Giving Fund forms part of a series of initiatives NFU Mutual has committed for the benefit of customers and communities affected by coronavirus. To find out more, please visit our Coronavirus Information Hub.