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Horsebox Safety Week: Rotten Floors and Ramps

Keep your ramps and floors in good condition

It’s amazing how many horseboxes I come across that have rotten or compromised floors or ramps, and not only in the older horseboxes and trailers at the cheaper end of the market. You may presume that a relatively new horsebox costing in the tens of thousands will have a sound floor but any floor, no matter what the age or construction can be perfectly safe, or deadly without routine checks and maintenance.   

The main problem with both wooden and aluminium floors is that they tend to have limited drainage and come into contact with a lot of liquid. Over time, rain, water, urine and damp storage conditions can rot the floor, particularly in areas which have been weakened already from a horse stamping or kicking.

The same principals also apply to ramps and side walls, they too have a lot of weight to contend with and damage from kicks or rot will compromise the structure and could result in your horse falling through, particularly in a situation where you need to brake heavily.

Unfortunately most of the time, the injuries sustained from such an incident can be too severe to save the horse and more upsettingly, these accidents are completely avoidable if basic checks are carried out.

 So what can you do to ensure this doesn’t happen to you? Download our floors and ramps checklist [PDF: 36kb].

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