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Horsebox Safety Week: Tyre Safety

Do regular tyre checks

One of the key safety concerns we have around horseboxes and trailers is worn or damaged tyres. This is why we have dedicated a section of Horsebox Safety Week to discussing why tyres are so important in keeping our horses safe when travelling.

There’s an old saying, ‘no foot, no horse’ and the same can be said for the importance of tyres.

A worn, damaged or incorrectly inflated tyre will give you limited control over the vehicle and you could find it harder to direct or stop your vehicle. More importantly it could lead to a tyre blow out.

Experiencing a tyre blow out can be a scary and dangerous experience in any vehicle, but when you are also carrying a horse it could be even worse.

You could lose control of the vehicle, and in some cases, it could result in a crash.

You can download a tyre safety checklist [PDF: 44kb] to ensure that you are safe on the roads.

So next time you’re at the yard, just take five minutes to inspect your tyres – particularly on trailers as most horse trailers are not legally required to have a yearly MOT – you might be surprised by what your find, or how old your tyres are!

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