What insurance is needed to run an event?

nfu mutual event with horse jumping

As you’ll already be well aware, things don’t always run as smoothly as first hoped when running events.

Whether items are misplaced or property is accidentally damaged, these event day mishaps can lead to hefty financial losses. The solution? Trustworthy, straightforward Event Insurance.

Whether you’re looking for one day event insurance, or want to know exactly what’s covered as standard, read on to find out how you can protect your business.

What is Public Liability Insurance for event organisers?

Quite simply, this protects you and your business against any legal liabilities connected to an event you have organised. If property is damaged, or members of the public are accidentally injured, event organisers and employees may be held responsible. 

Public liability cover usually includes product liability cover too. This means any accidental illness, injury or damage caused by food, drink or promotional products served at the event is covered, provided you are legally liable. And for extra peace of mind, damage to the event premises or vehicles parked there are usually covered within public liability too.

What does Event Insurance cover?

There are some levels of cover to expect as standard with Event Insurance.

Money and malicious attack cover protects your money against loss or theft at your event, as well as in instances where you or an employee are taking money to the bank. Plus, it covers assaults made against you and your employees at your events, if you’re aged 16-70.

Another level of cover to expect is public and product liability, which covers damages arising from injury to the public or damage to their property. We cover up to £2.5 million as standard but higher limits are available.

Need more cover for your event? Here are a few more cover options you can add to your event insurance:

  • Cancellations: provides cover for expenses that can't be recovered if your event is cancelled or abandoned due to circumstances beyond your control.
  • Property damage: covering property that’s lost or damaged at your event and in transit to or from the venue, this covers property that’s owned, borrowed and hired.
  • Employers’ Liability: this covers injuries and illnesses to employees and volunteers that arise as a result of working at your event where you are legally liable. We cover up to £10 million as standard.
  • Group Personal Accident: this protects you and your employees, between 16 and 70 years old, against the financial impact of death or disability following an accident at your event or whilst travelling to or from said event. We provide a lump sum of £5,000. Or, if the disability is temporary, £50 a week.

What if I have to cancel my event?

If your event is cancelled through no fault of yours, cancellation cover provides cover for expenses which can't be recovered. If you've chosen additional cancellation cover, it includes costs like venue hire, advertising and promotional activity.

However, it’s important to understand that certain scenarios such as a person failing to appear at an event, where events are cancelled due to lack of ticket sales and cancellations due to weather for events taking place outdoors or in a marquee from November - March are not covered.

Is damage to the property I am hiring covered?

If you've chosen additional property cover, property that’s owned, hired or borrowed when hosting an event is covered. For example, you’ll be covered if equipment is stolen from a locked building.

To find out more about our Event Insurance and how we can help your business, speak to your local agency office for a personalised quote. 

The cover you choose will depend on your circumstances and your local NFU Mutual agency office will take the time to understand these needs and explain the full details, including any limits and exclusions that may apply, to help ensure it‘s right for you.