Seeking the perfect gift

It can be truly rewarding when you hit upon that perfect gift for a close friend or family member.

Sometimes, though, even a close relationship doesn’t guarantee a gift-giving triumph. Perhaps you feel they’ve got everything or are simply stumped about what might please them to receive.

When searching for the right gift, it’s worth taking some time to really consider the recipient. Think about what they have going on in their lives; perhaps they’re moving house or have started up a new hobby, such as cycling or skiing. Have they mentioned anything in conversation? If you don’t see the individual regularly, then you might be able to glean some information from their posts on social media; perhaps they hint at a new hobby or aspiration.

Ideally, you would start this thought process long before you need to find them a gift; start right now, paying closer attention to the things they talk about, and making yourself notes. Then you’ll be better equipped when it comes to present-buying time. Also, listen carefully if they compliment you on your taste or show that they particularly like something you own.

Another source of inspiration can be to cast your mind back about any special moments you may have enjoyed together. This may be a big event, such as a trip or concert, or could be the moment you met. Does one of these times, dates or places trigger any ideas?

If you do find a special gift, then it’s a good idea to ensure you’re protected against damage or loss. A good insurance policy will provide some extra cover for new purchases, including gifts. So check you’re covered.

Alternatively, your quest to find the right gift might lead you to consider an experience, rather than a physical object.

That way, you can gift them with something – such as tickets to a concert – that they’ll look forward to. Better still, you could surprise them with the gift of an experience that you can enjoy together.

Also, consider those busy people in your life who are constantly telling you how frantic they are. They might appreciate some of your time, perhaps you could share your gardening or DIY skills with them.

And when you do find that perfect, well-considered gift, then combine it with a note explaining why you chose it, just to add that extra personal touch.

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