Turra Coo

The story of the "Turra coo" begins in 1911. The Liberal government had just introduced National Insurance payments.

People across the country were refusing to pay it and farmer Robert Paterson was one of many.

He had been a well known face in and around the town. He employed lots of men on his farm at Lendrum. His refusal to make the new payments for his workers meant he was fined.

When the sheriff's officers came to collect his fine, they took the only thing of value that was moveable – the little white cow now known as the ‘Turra Coo’

It was then that the riot broke out. Soil and soot were thrown at officials. Fireworks let off. A policeman was hit full in the face with a raw egg (the officer standing in front of him had ducked just in time).

The auctioneer had to take refuge in a stable and the sale of the "coo" was abandoned.

It was taken into Aberdeen and sold there

A group of farmers actually bought the cow and presented it back to Robert Paterson at Lendrum.

When the fuss died down the "coo" returned to the farm to live out the rest of her days. The sheriff got his money and National Insurance payments continue to this day.