Weather Tips

Prepare and protect

Weather events can cause huge disruption to daily routines for homes and businesses. From storms and flooding to snow and ice, extreme weather doesn’t discriminate and there’s nothing that can be done to stop it, but there are things that can be done to prepare for it:

  • Keep properties and businesses in good repair, adequately insulated and lagged
  • Keep drains and gullies clear of blockages, leaves and debris
  • Regularly check weather forecasts and warnings
  • Keep an emergency pack in a dry, cool place with some basic provisions: torches, first aid kits, spare clothing, etc.
  • Avoid using cars and other motor vehicles when road conditions are treacherous and ensure they are parked in a safe place
  • Be a ‘good neighbour’ and check on vulnerable people in your local area
  • Use a ‘common sense’ approach
  • Check that your insurance policies have the right cover for you.

Preparing for weather events on the farm

Preparing for weather events at home

Weather tips for businesses