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Financial Advice Charges

Advice from experts with decades of experience

At NFU Mutual we always make it clear what our charges are.

Financial advice has never been free. The fee for financial advice used to be paid through product charges, but since 2012 customers have been told about advice charges up front.

The value of financial planning

Our customers know the value of good advice, and that is one of the reasons they come to us.

For the past 80 years NFU Mutual has been helping our customers plan their financial futures. Each one of NFU Mutual's Financial Advisers is a qualified professional, chosen for their experience, knowledge and ability to tailor advice to individual circumstances to support your goals throughout your life.

Just as valuable advice from any expert comes with a cost attached to it, so does the advice that NFU Mutual's Financial Advisers* give.

Our charges

Customers may want to take the opportunity to compare their existing products with our products to see if they suit their requirements better. Your Financial Adviser can take you through the options.

Existing pension and investment plans taken out before 31st December 2012, and subsequent top-ups to these plans, will continue to pay the relevant product charges.

However, if you take out a new pension or investment plan we now charge an advice fee – this is usually a percentage of the investment you make.

In some cases NFU Mutual has a minimum £350 charge for financial advice, but this will be explained to you when you contact us.

Buying direct

We believe in the value of financial advice. However, we recognise there may be times when you are clear about the product you require and choose to buy direct without taking financial advice. To cater for this requirement we also offer a non-advised service.

Start planning your finances today

For expert financial advice speak to your Financial Adviser or call 08082528113 and speak to someone over the phone.


* When you contact us we'll explain the advice services we offer and our charges.
NFU Mutual Financial Advisers advise on NFU Mutual products and selected products from specialist providers.

Please note: For security and training purposes calls may be recorded and monitored.