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Valuations services


Whether it’s the house you own or its contents, making sure you are aware of the true value will mean that you can rest assured that you are insured for the right amount. When reviewing your individual circumstances, NFU Mutual’s advisers may suggest a valuation to give you peace of mind that you are adequately insured.

At NFU Mutual, we offer access to a hand-picked panel of experienced and expert companies who can, for a fee, provide valuations for both buildings and contents.

Your NFU Mutual adviser can arrange for experts from the valuation companies on the panel to assess and evaluate the value of your possessions and the rebuild cost of your property. At the end of the visit, you will be provided with a report which you can share with your adviser to ensure you are appropriately insured.

NFU Mutual offers access to experts across three services.

Buildings valuations service: With expensive specialist crafts methods and unusual construction and original materials, it can be difficult to accurately estimate the rebuild cost of a property and it is essential that professional advice is sought in these cases. Our service, delivered through our recommended partners can provide the advice you need.

Contents appraisal service: If you want reassurance that your overall contents value is accurate, our advisers can arrange a contents appraisal through one of the trusted suppliers on NFU Mutual’s panel.

Contents valuations service: This service is ideal if you have a number of high value items such as fine art that need to be individually researched and then valued. This may be of particular interest for inherited items where values are unknown.

To find out more about these services, contact your local NFU Mutual adviser.

Our approach

We believe in the importance of personal service and can help take the strain off choosing the right products. With branches throughout the UK, our experienced agents and staff are on hand to meet you and discuss your needs ensuring you have the right cover in place, that's why we'll never quote online.

Key features

Buildings valuations

We have two recommended providers of buildings valuations:

  • Cunningham Lindsey
  • Barrett Corp Harrington

Following a the visit from your valuer, you will receive a full valuation report which includes an overview of the property and the recommended value of the property for insurance purposes. You’ll also receive a valuation certificate.

If, following your survey, you adjust the insured rebuild cost on your NFU Mutual home insurance to the figure recommended, you benefit from the relevant settlement
guarantee if you need to claim.

Contents appraisal service

If you want reassurance that your overall contents value is accurate, our advisers can arrange a contents appraisal through one of the trusted suppliers on NFU Mutual’s panel. You are also able to specify a number of items for a more detailed appraisal.

Quastel Associates provide this service.

Contents valuations service

For those that would like a number of items valued, your selected valuer will carry out a thorough evaluation of the items you have specified. You are then provided with an itemised and detailed inventory which includes descriptions, values and digital photographs. We work with a number of valuers to provide this service including:

Gurr Johns
Quastel Associates

Following your contents valuation

Once you have received your valuation, you may wish to talk further with your NFU Mutual adviser who can guide you on the appropriate insurance cover for your needs. If you decide to proceed with either of these services and have a professional valuation on your contents that has been completed within three years of a claim, you will receive protection for underinsurance, covering you for up to 125% of the insured replacement cost (when you purchase the NFU Mutual Bespoke Home Insurance policy which is designed for high value home and contents).