Engineering inspectors in dark tunnel

Engineering Inspection Services

Helping keep you and your staff safe at work

With over 150 years of expertise on which to call, Vulcan Inspection Services are well practiced in helping you protect your business.

As our engineering partner, they’ve carried out tens of thousands of safety inspections which prevent serious injury or business interruption. They’re experts in helping look after you and your staff, and that’s why we’ve been working together for over 20 years.

Why choose Vulcan Inspection Services?

At Vulcan Inspection Services, helping make sure your equipment is safe for both you and anyone coming into contact with it, prolonging the life of your equipment (the earlier any wear and tear is detected, the more chance you have of being able to do something about it) and keeping you legally compliant, is their bread and butter. They’ve got this sorted and can help make sure you have too.

Vulcan Inspection Services is part of the British Engineering Services Group, working in partnership with NFU Mutual since 1997 to provide statutory inspections of our customers’ plant and machinery including their electrical wiring systems. They currently inspect over 110,000 items for 17,000 customers ensuring that their plant and machinery is safe to use, reducing risks to their employees and their businesses. Customers are spread across many industries including the residential sector and they are proud of the relationship they have with them.

Vulcan Inspection Services have a dedicated account management team based in NFU Mutual’s head office, who are on hand to help with any queries you may have. In addition, they offer free access to E-Report, their online portal which allows customers to view their inspection reports and manage their inspection regime.

Contact your local NFU Mutual office for more information or call Vulcan Inspection Services directly on; 01789 202 560