Van Insurance

Specialist cover for vans and pick-ups

When you’re off the road your business can quickly grind to a halt, which is why the right insurance is vital.

We can offer you cover that protects not only your van or pick-up, but the tools you need for the job as well. So, should anything happen, we can have you road-ready and back out to work as soon as possible.

And should yours be stolen or damaged beyond repair, we’ll even offer a courtesy car while a replacement is found.

  • Up to £500 to replace any tools in the vehicle if they are lost due to damage, or stolen from a locked vehicle
  • Courtesy car for up to 14 days if yours is stolen or written-off and you report the loss to our claims helpline
  • New vehicle replacement - if you purchase a UK model from new and it’s less than a year old when it’s stolen or written off

Third Party, Fire and Theft Light Goods Vehicle Insurance, Product Information Document [PDF: 77KB], and Third Party Light Goods Vehicle Insurance, Product Information Document [PDF: 74KB], are also available.