Van Insurance

Specialist cover for vans and pick-ups

When your vans are off the road your business can quickly grind to a halt. The right van insurance is vital because accidents and theft do happen and you should only pay a fair price to protect your profits and your drivers.

We can offer cover that protects not only your van or pick-up, but the tools you need for the job as well. So, should anything happen, we can have you road-ready and back out to work as soon as possible.

And should your van be stolen or damaged beyond repair in an accident, we have you covered with the offer of a courtesy vehicle while a replacement is found.

Our comprehensive van insurance cover

Before we provide a quote on van insurance, you are likely to have questions about what’s on offer to compare with other policies.

  • Does our van insurance cover tools?
    Yes, up to £500 if they are lost due to damage or stolen from a locked vehicle.
  • What if my van is off the road?
    We’ll provide a courtesy vehicle for 14 days if yours is stolen or written-off and you report the loss to our claim helpline.
  • Will you replace a new vehicle?
    Yes, if it’s a UK model purchased as new in the last year when it’s stolen or written off.
  • What if one of my drivers is injured an accident?
    You can claim medical expenses up to £250 for injury to anyone in the insured vehicle.
  • What about a no claims discount?
    You can choose additional cover to protect your no claims discount covering up to two claims in five years.

These are just some of the benefits of our van insurance. Talk to one of our local agency offices to find out more.

Multi Van Insurance Quotes

It can be difficult to arrange insurance for an entire fleet. We will tailor your policy to your business and protect your valuable assets, regardless of how many vehicles you have.  

Whether you need cover for just a few cars and vans or a large haulage fleet, we’ll work with you to create a policy that works.

Learn more about our fleet insurance.

What is commercial van insurance?

It’s a specialist insurance product that covers the scenarios likely to be faced when using a van on an everyday basis for commercial reasons. It’s more tailored towards those who would face potential loss when their vehicle is out of action.

Can I Drive a Van on My Car Insurance?

Some car insurance policies may offer cover for the use of a van but this is usually third-party insurance and may not fully cover your needs. With our specific van insurance, we cover you for the most likely incidents to happen when you’re running a business such as the theft of tools. In other words, it’s tailored to reduce the risks you might face.

My business relies on my van - how can your specialist insurance help?

This is a business like any other, it's the same if you run a dog grooming business or deliver cakes for a living. Our specialist insurance means the things that really matter are protected such as your equipment and the ability to get straight back on the road when your vehicle isn’t working.

What level of van insurance is right for me?

That all depends on the needs of your business and how many vans are in your fleet. What is essential is that you don’t remain uninsured and get the cover that protects you most. Talk to one of our experts at your local agency office who will be able to advise on the right level of insurance you need and answer all your questions.

How much does van insurance cost?

Once again it depends on your business. And while there are always cheaper options available, you need to balance that with the risk of not being covered for incidents that can happen to your vans.

Third Party, Fire and Theft Light Goods Vehicle Insurance, Product Information Document [PDF: 77KB], and Third Party Light Goods Vehicle Insurance, Product Information Document [PDF: 74KB], are also available. 

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