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How to view the performance of your plan

All plan holders

Regardless of the type of plan you hold, you can request to receive information about your plan by post.

Request plan information

Select ISA, Select Junior ISA, Select Pension and Select Investment Plan holders

You have the option to view the value of your funds, see your transaction history and view important documents online through the My Investments Service.

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If you don't already have a My Investments account you can register for one online via our website:


Please note: when you register you will be agreeing to receive paperless statements, with documents made available to view online. This will mean that you will no longer receive statements in the post. 

If you'd prefer to continue to receive information about your plan through the post you can make a request online:

Request plan information

Frequently asked questions

How can I find out which type of plan I hold?

You can find out which type of plan you hold based on the plan number that you will find on any related correspondence you have receive, e.g. annual statement.

Your plan number will follow one of these formats:

Select Pension = S + eight numbers 

Select ISA = I + eight numbers

Select Junior ISA = I + eight numbers

Select Investment Plan = G + eight numbers

Stakeholder Pension = 8 + seven numbers

Personal Pension Account = 08 + seven numbers

Personal Pension Plan = 802 + five numbers

Shrewd Savings ISA = 6 + seven numbers

Capital Investment Bond = 01 + seven numbers

Capital Access Bond = 04 + six numbers

Retirement Annuity = 113 + six numbers OR 114 + six numbers OR 3 + six number OR 4 + six numbers

If your enquiry does not relate to any of the above plan please contact us either via the Financial Services Customer Services web form or by calling 0800622323>.

After making a plan information request you will receive a standard plan summary.

A standard plan summary includes:

  • Current fund value
  • Regular payment amount and frequency
  • Investment fund(s) and details of your units in each fund
  • Payments made in the current tax year
  • Withdrawal history (if applicable)

If the information that you require would not be included in a standard plan summary please contact us either via the Financial Services Customer Services web form or by calling 0800622323.

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