Notify us that our policyholder has passed away

We understand that this is a difficult time and we aim to support you as much as we are able. So that your enquiry is handled as sensitively as possible by the right team please provide us with some basic information. We'll then contact you to confirm the changes that you would like to make. We will do so as quickly as we can.

Your address

Policyholder's address

Policy numbers are formatted as: 3 numbers, the letter 'x' and 7 numbers, e.g. 008x1234567.

What we'll need to know when we speak to you

For all insurances, we'll need to know whether you would like the cover to remain in place. If so, we'll ask if there are any changes to the cover required.

For Car Insurance, we'll need to know whether:

  • Any changes to drivers are needed
  • The usage will remain the same
  • The vehicle will still be kept overnight at the same address.

For Home Insurance, we'll need to know whether the property is unoccupied.

If so, we'll ask: 

  • What date it become unoccupied
  • If the property is in a good state of repair
  • If valuables been removed from the property
  • How often someone who is authorised to will visit the property
  • How near the property is to your's or an authorised person's home
  • If the utility supplies been turned off.

If the property is occupied, we'll ask:

  • Who is occupying the home and between what times
  • If the value of contents in the home has changed.

By submitting this form you are happy for us to contact you regarding your enquiry.

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