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Farm Select insurance

Local, personal service

Farm Select - Insurance Overview

Whether you keep dairy cattle, produce cereal crops or grow bedding plants, the one thing you need is an insurance policy which protects the very things you depend on to earn a living.

With 100 years' experience in the farming and growing industry, NFU Mutual can provide you with a range of insurance covers that are as varied as the things you produce; allowing you to provide the right protection for your business at the right price for you.

Farm Select features

NFU Mutual's Farm Select insurance offers many features and benefits to help protect your business whether you are a farmer or grower. The following features are just a few examples, if you want more information please view the full policy document:

  • Livestock cover
    We can offer your livestock cover for diseases such as TB, Foot and Mouth and Salmonella
  • Buildings and equipment cover
    We aim to provide the cover you need for your farming business, buildings, stock, machinery, vehicles and other essential equipment
  • Public Liability cover
    £10 million Public and Product Liability and £10 million Employers' Liability cover as standard (subject to a minimum £100 excess for third party property damage claims)
  • Environmental Liability
    New Environmental Liability Regulations mean you are liable for clean up costs if you accidentally contaminate the soil or water on your property or the surrounding land - that’s why we provide £2 million cover as standard with a minimum £500 excess.

Speak to your local Agent for full details of the policy, including any limitations and exclusions that may apply. Our local service means we know you personally, allowing us to be here for you when it counts.


If you run a smaller farm under 50 hectares, please find out more about our Farm Essentials insurance cover.

Farm Essentials - Insurance for Smaller Farms

We’re proud to be working with Jimmy Doherty our ambassador for Farm Essentials.

Supporting farms up to 50 hectares to ensure you make the right insurance decisions and get all the cover you need, without paying for cover you don’t.

Find out more