Smallholder Insurance

We cover Smallholdings inside and out

We understand the work you put into your smallholding, from maintaining the land and raising livestock, through to producing goods that can be given away or sold to the public.

Our new Smallholder Extension provides the cover you need, and can be added simply to your NFU Mutual Home Insurance policy. Our cover is designed specifically to protect the risks that come with your activities.


Smallholdings are an essential piece of the patchwork that makes up our great countryside. They are vital to the wellbeing of the farming sector and often enable smaller parcels of difficult land to be farmed effectively in an environmentally friendly way. This benefits the smallholder and the local community.

A smallholding is a piece of land adjacent to, or nearby, the home used for growing small scale crops or raising livestock flocks and herds.

  • As little as a few acres can provide enough space for vegetables, fruit, livestock and fodder crop rotation.
  • Whilst many owners do attend shows and sell goods, for some, running a smallholding can be more of a passion than a business.
  • Smallholdings are growing in popularity, driven by a demand from young families through to the retired who may be new to a rural environment.

Why have we developed Smallholder cover?

As the leading rural insurer in the UK, NFU Mutual is committed to ensuring it offers products and services that meet the needs of all those involved in agriculture.

Whether you are a smallholder or manage a large diversified farm, we are here to help.


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