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Landlord Insurance

Whether you’re a residential landlord or own an office, shop or other business premises, with our landlord insurance, we have you protected.

Our Property Owners policy is flexible so you can choose optional cover to meet your needs now and, in the future, you can also update your policy whenever you need to without paying any admin fees.

Residential and commercial property owners can face risks varying from fire and flood, loss of rental income, as well as liability for injury to the public, employees or tenants.

Your business is also likely to have its own specific set of risks, which we'lll help you identify and manage.

What’s covered by our Landlord insurance?

  1. Property – Your buildings are covered as standard. New buildings, alterations, additions and improvements are also covered for 90 days. This will be up to 10% of the amount you’re insured for, and up to a maximum of £500,000
  2. Business Interruption - This cover protects your business against lost rental income, and additional expenses to minimise losses, following an unexpected event such as damage to your property caused by fire or flood
  3. Liability - You or your employees may be held responsible for accidental injury to the public or for damage to their property. Our normal cover is £2.5 million but you can choose higher limits. Also, if you are an employer, you have a legal responsibility to buy employers’ liability insurance. You can choose to add this cover on, we provide £10 million as standard but higher limits are available.

Who do we cover?

  • Landlords with individual properties – whether it be residential or commercial let properties
  • Landlords with multiple properties (up to a maximum of 10) - for residential, commercial or mixed portfolios
  • Shops
  • Office

We're also able to insure property portfolios with over 10 properties via our national network of Agency Offices.

Standard Cover

  • Property - This is cover for buildings
  • Business interruption - This cover protects your business against lost rental income and additional expenses to minimise losses, following an unexpected event such as damage to your property caused by fire or flood
  • Landlord & Product Liability - Protect your business against legal liabilities connected with your properties
  • Environmental liability - Damages arising from injury to the public or damage to their property caused by pollution up to £1 million, including the cost of cleaning your own premises.

Optional Cover

  • Employers’ Liability - This cover protects you and your business if you are held legally liable for injury or illness to employees due to their work
  • Money and Malicious Attack - Your money is protected against loss or theft at your premises and whilst you take it to the bank
  • Goods in Transit - Protect your goods while they’re in transit in your vehicles or with a third party carrier
  • Terrorism - This protects your business against property damage and loss of income caused by acts of terrorism in England, Scotland and Wales
  • Engineering Insurance and Inspections - Accidental damage or breakdown of machinery and plant
  • Commercial Legal Expenses - We can help protect your business and employees during legal disputes, providing a specialist lawyer to advise and support you, and cover against legal costs up to £250,000
  • Group Personal Accident - We provide a range of lump sums and weekly benefits that you can tailor to your needs
  • Business Travel - This covers you and your employees who travel abroad on business. This includes access to a dedicated 24/7 helpline.