Young Drivers Scheme

Helping younger drivers to be safer on rural roads

At NFU Mutual, we take time to understand our customers' needs.

That’s why we developed the Young Drivers’ scheme, a 3 year flexible and interactive training programme designed to teach young drivers skills that will keep them safer on the road. The scheme is available to 17-21 year old children of our customers.

The course is created in partnership with, and delivered by Drive Doctors, who use informative, interactive events and programmes to change the long-term attitude of drivers on the road.

Training Programme

The scheme spans over 3 years and contains the following elements:

  • One to One training - two half day on-the-road sessions, focusing on hazards associated with the roads local to the young driver and tailored to their needs
  • On-line modules – four interactive and educational and modules providing hints and tips for safer driving for each of the four seasons

Bonus NCD Years

Drivers taking part in the scheme are rewarded with 2 bonus no claims discount (NCD) years, one on joining the scheme and one on completion, which lead to significant savings on participants' car insurance premium. A typical new driver, without any previous car insurance or no claims discount, could see the following saving:






With scheme





Without scheme






The bonus NCD awarded for scheme participation and completion cannot be transferred outside NFU Mutual. Claims would also affect the eligible NCD applied. 

In order to join the scheme, the customer must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be 17-21 years old with a full UK driving licence
  • Be a main driver on an NFU Mutual car policy
  • Be a child of a current NFU Mutual customer

The scheme can be joined at the start of a policy year or during the year, provided there are a minimum 6 months until next renewal.

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