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lesson, instructor pointing finger beyond windscreen

Young Driver Scheme

Helping younger drivers to be safer on rural roads

At NFU Mutual, we take time to understand our customer's needs.

That's why we have car insurance specifically for young drivers who are children of NFU Mutual farming customers. The NFU Mutual Young Drivers Scheme is exclusively for newly qualified 17-21 year olds, providing insurance alongside a 3 year farming programme aimed at increasing awareness, driving skills and safety, particularly within the rural environment which our customers are exposed to.

It also comes with the added benefit of 2 additional years no claims bonus - one at the start and one on completion of the scheme - enabling you to earn 5 years no claims in just 3 years of driving, worth 65% off your car insurance renewal. The training is provided by our training partner Drive Doctors, it is broken up into just 3 parts:

  • Year one - half day on-the-road session focussed on hazards associated with rural roads and tailored to the driver's needs.
  • Year two - a series of online modules to challenge their skills and knowledge
  • Year three - a further half day session on the road with personilised training to the needs of the young driver.