High Value Home Insurance

10 top tips to protect your country home

Plenty of space, close-knit communities, and the beauty of the British countryside - many rural residents wouldn’t swap it for anything else.

For the most part, living in the countryside is safe too. However, there can be home security risks wherever you live, and that’s true for country dwellers, particularly if you live somewhere remote. 

In a recent survey*, NFU Mutual found that just under half of High-Net-Worth Individuals are concerned about theft in the home. At NFU Mutual, we provide Bespoke Home Insurance, designed to provide specialist cover for high-value homes, estates and manor houses which can be tailored around you and your lifestyle, giving you peace of mind that you’re in safe hands. We have teamed up with Sarah Humphreys of Premier Alarms to share some steps you can take to protect your family and property from the risk of a home break-in.

1. Take a multi layered approach to security: 

Each home is different, and your security needs will vary depending on the building itself, your lifestyle, and possessions. Sarah says: “The layers of security that are appropriate for a particular home, for example alarms, lights, safes and cameras all depend on the combination of these different factors. Every situation is different. For example, some homeowners will have staff members needing access, others may have pets, which all need to be taken into consideration”.

2. Protect your perimeter and boundaries: 

Intruders are more likely to target properties that appear to be easier to break into, so keep the boundaries of your land well-maintained and secure, including all gates and fences. Sarah says: “Having a secure gate as a barrier has been shown to psychologically discourage intruders”.

3. An alarm is a good starting point for a secure home:

An alarm is a clear deterrent to intruders into your home and any outbuildings. A system with 24/7 monitoring – alerting the police immediately in the event of an intrusion – with some devices now controllable by an app on your phone, will give you confidence that your home is secure when you are at home or away.

4. Deter intruders with gravel:

Unavoidably noisy when stepped on, gravel is a simple way to put off intruders who are trying to keep quiet.

5. Consider a panic button:

A panic button which directly alerts the police can provide additional peace of mind particularly if you live somewhere with poor mobile phone reception.

6. Install security lighting

A professional security lighting system - complete with motion sensors or dusk to dawn activation - is a first line of defence in the protection of your home at night, when a burglary is most likely. It also serves to illuminate the way when you arrive home on a dark night.

7. Consider infrared beams:

These systems can trigger an alarm, or even a warning message, when someone passes through the invisible beams. They are a great detection method for the protection of large perimeters. 

8. Add CCTV:

A video surveillance system not only serves as a deterrent for intruders but can also provide valuable footage in the event of an incident. Given that rural properties can be subject to power cuts, CCTV systems can have back up battery power if there is a mains outage.

9. Invest in a good, modern safe: 

If a thief does manage to enter your property, then a safe or strong room can help ensure your valuables stay safe and secure. As part of our local, personal service, our team of experienced underwriters can liaise with NFU Mutual policyholders on a case-by-case basis to ensure that their safes are sufficient for their insurance needs. Try and consider the future when choosing a safe: when getting regular valuations for your belongings – recommended every two to three years – you might find that the value of your belongings, such as jewellery, may increase over time.

10. Stay secure when you are away:

Timers on internal lights or smart lighting can give the impression you’re at home. If you post on social media sites, avoid sharing holiday photos that may advertise that your home is left unoccupied.

Spending some time to consider the security of your home can provide peace of mind and enable you to enjoy it by reducing the worry of potentially falling victim to crime. 

NFU Mutual Bespoke Home Insurance is specifically designed to protect high-value properties with over £150,000 worth of contents, fine art and collections. 

So, whether it’s a beautiful home, stunning gardens, original art or designer jewellery, you can be assured that your most cherished possessions are protected.


*Of 1000 people surveyed by NFU Mutual, January 2024.