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Guesty’s NSPCC Gherkin challenge 2019

Stuart GuestAfter browsing for a new contest, Stuart (Guesty) stumbled upon the Gherkin Challenge in aid of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC). The challenge is a race to the top of London’s famous Gherkin, climbing 1,037 steps over 38 floors, without using the lift!

All Gherkineers are asked to raise a target of £250 per entrant, this money will help the NSPCC’s “speak out stay safe programme” reach 83 primary school children, providing them with the knowledge to protect themselves from abuse. 

Stuart Guest was quick to round up a team among our NFU Mutual agency at Ashford, Tenterden & Whitfield. Pulling in Gemma Jeffrey as their enthusiastic Captain and quickly drafting two further team members, our fearless leader and Vice-Captain, Douglas Jackson and the ever Helpful Wesley Beddows.

Guesty says “It would be cool if I can raise £500 but with so many great charities out there, it can be difficult to obtain support but please, give me your money!”

As all who meet him know, Guesty “used to work in the city” and is an avid squash player twice a week, although he has recently stepped down his training due to his current back injuries, he knows this will be a test on his physique but is looking forward to getting to the top to see the wonderful views of the capital. The main take away will be “to raise a good amount for the charity” and to “take advantage of their on hand masseuse”.

We asked Guesty what time he is planning to complete his climb to the top. He says he is sure the fastest time of 4 minutes 18 seconds will be a challenge so he is planning to stick together as a team to support one another but he would like to achieve it in “sub 10 minutes, let’s not prolong the pain!”

Guesty is a regular fundraiser, having taken part in several 24 hour squash tournaments, exertive sports are his thing but he likes to mix it up a bit and this is certainly different to anything he has done before. He is currently clocking in additional steps during his lunch break at our NFU Mutual Ashford agency in the Invicta Business Centre but also plans to run up the Hastings Old Town Steps and to hit the Stairmaster in his local gym. 

Guesty’s fun fact about himself is “I am actually scared of heights!” Well we shall wish him luck and hope he is still enamoured with the views of the capital from 38 floors! 

Please show the team some support by visiting their Just Giving page: