Don't pay for unnecessary student insurance

Many students are already covered by their parents’ contents insurance policy

Watching your teenager fly the nest as they head off to university is a moment of great pride for most parents. But it is also likely to come with some concerns — how will they cope with the work? Will they survive Freshers' Week? Are they safe in their student accommodation?

A certain amount of apprehension is perfectly understandable as it might be the first time your child has left home and they may be moving to an area which is different to the comfortable home where they have grown up.

Research that we have carried out has found students will typically take with them possessions worth nearly £2,500, so making sure those items are covered is important. 

Our home insurance expert Ross Garner said: “Many young adults will be taking expensive gadgets with them, such as smart phones, tablets, televisions and computers, and parents might be looking for suitable insurance to cover these items against damage, loss or theft."

Times Higher Education estimates that the average cost of fees, accommodation and living expenses for an undergraduate student on a three-year course could be up to £63,000. This will vary depending on which country the student is from and where they study.

Students will typically take with them possessions worth nearly £2,500

Research by NFU Mutual

Ross added: “The last thing most students need is to incur further costs insuring their items.

“Many home contents policies on the market provide some cover for student possessions as standard, but it’s worth checking the amounts insured too.”

In the case of loss or damage to a student’s belongings as a result of a break-in our Home and Lifestyle Insurance provides cover up to the value of £7,500. This applies to students living in temporary accommodation whose permanent residence is the family home.

NFU Mutual Bespoke Home Insurance provides unlimited worldwide cover, giving you peace of mind if your child is studying abroad (as long as your child isn't in employment while studying, otherwise they'll need separate cover).

By having a real conversation with your local Agent we can help ensure that you don’t end up paying for cover you already have.

Five top tips for safeguarding student belongings

1. Mark belongings to help track them in case of theft and take photos of anything expensive in case you need to make a claim

2. Check the security of accommodation and raise any concerns with the landlord or halls of residence

3. Be particularly careful when sharing accommodation as insurers typically pay theft claims only when there is forcible entry into the room

4. Make sure valuables are not left in full view if leaving them in your room when you go out

5. Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 1111 if you see anything suspicious.