Insurance should cover your great outdoors

The garden has become an extension of our homes, with many homeowners investing in expensive ornaments, trees, shrubs and furniture to enhance their outdoor space.

Unfortunately, many people forget that the cost of these items can soon mount up and, in the event of a claim, some homeowners could find themselves seriously underinsured.

It's important that you treat the items in your garden and outbuildings in the same way you treat the items inside your house.

Whilst the thefts of garden ornaments, shrubs and equipment tend to grab the headlines, storms are another significant cause of damage.

Hints & tips for protecting your possessions:

  • Don’t underestimate the cost of rebuilding your garden wall. Garden walls can be vulnerable to impact from vehicles and damage from storm and flood
  • If your property is listed, don’t forget walls, sundials, dovecotes and other structures may form part of the listing and could cost more to replace or repair
  • Garden plants, trees and shrubs can be a target for thieves, particularly if planted in easily transportable pots
  • Make sure you calculate the REPLACEMENT value for garden items and check expensive trees or sculptures don’t exceed the single item limit on your insurance policy
  • Use SmartWater (a traceable liquid used to deter theft) to mark valuable possessions
  • Fit heavy-duty padlocks to garages and outbuildings
  • Keep garden gates locked
  • Keep garden tools secure and out of sight
  • Consider outside security lighting and CCTV
  • Display signs which advertise your security measures.