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Horsebox Safety Week: Pre-Journey Checks

Check before you travel

One of the key topics we want to highlight is the pre-journey check list. It's something that all horse owners should familiarise themselves with and get into the habit of carrying out.

You may not realise, but every time that you travel on a bus, you can feel safe in the knowledge that the driver is legally required to carry out a pre-journey check list before starting every journey. This is to ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy and doesn't pose any danger to passengers or other road users.

Could your horse say the same when it steps onto your horsebox or trailer?

We've created a short video to walk you through the pre-journey safety checks step-by-step to help you put it into practice.

You can also  download this handy checklist [PDF: 52kb] to keep in your horsebox or trailer, to remind you each time you prepare to travel.

Remember, travelling in a vehicle is a completely unnatural behaviour for a horse, they agree to it as they have trust in their owner.

Their Safety is your Responsibility #HBSW

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