Horsebox Safety Week 2018

In 2018 we joined forces with the Pony Club and National Pony Society Scotland to promote the safety and wellbeing of horses for Horsebox Safety Week.

This year we also wanted to raise awareness with younger riders of the importance of safe loading and transport.

We find that horse owners spend a huge amount of time, money and effort on their horse’s health, maintenance, training and wardrobes, but very few pay the same amount of attention to the day-to-day condition of vehicles that they transport these animals in.

By creating a national awareness week we hope to instil the importance of regularly checking the condition of your horsebox or trailer tyres, floor, ramp and general condition; but at the very least making a full check part of your yearly pre-season preparation.

Working with partners across the equine industry we have created a library of useful videos to highlight the issues and educate horse owners how to avoid them.

Each day we  promoted one of seven individual safety topics with a short video that was shared via our social media channels: Facebook and Twitter.

Reinforce Responsibility

Horsebox Safety Week took place between 20-26 August, as part of our ongoing commitment to raising awareness of Horsebox Safety within the equestrian community.

We want to reinforce the responsibility that horse owners have, to not only look after the welfare of their horse, but also their horsebox or trailer - as this can have a huge knock on effect.

We encourage the equestrian community to watch, share and put into practice the seven topic videos that we outline, to help keep horses safe when travelling.

Their Safety is your Responsibility #HBSW

You can show your support for the campaign and help to get #HBSW trending. Plus, you can view the whole Horsebox Safety Week video collection on our youtube channel.

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