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The food and drink industry is booming. Yet from concept through to consumption, you face challenges every day. We’re developing an ongoing personal relationship with food and drink businesses. That’s what makes us different.

1. Are you sure that your legal obligations are met? 

We know that as a local business you do your best to create a safe working environment for your team; but people are injured in food and drink businesses from manual handling, machinery, slips, trips and falls. As a result of an accident at work they could bring a claim against your business. 

NFU Mutual Wessex agency understand where and how these accidents happen and can give you advice on preventing them, as well as ensuring you have the right covers in place so you don’t face prosecution for failing to meet your insurance obligations. 

2. Would your business survive a fire? 

You’ve worked hard to build up your business and we want to help make sure everything you’ve worked hard to achieve is protected. 

The Association of British Insurers reported that around 60% of private businesses never recover from a fire. The latest available evidence estimates that fires in the UK contribute to over £8 billion worth of damage to homes and businesses annually. 

3. Would you know what to do in the event of a cyber attack and data being stolen? 

Your reputation as a food and drink business is absolutely key to both your customers and suppliers. A cyber attack, which can happen to a company of any size, could easily damage your reputation. It’s important to us that we help you maintain this valuable reputation by ensuring you are prepared for cyber incidents. 

4. Are you aware that you could be held personally responsible in court as well as your business entity for third party injury or damages? 

If a supplier tripped over stock while delivering, or a customer slipped on a wet floor, you could be liable as the owner of the business. As a food and drink producer you have the challenge of making food and drink that is safe to consume, including understanding the quality of your ingredients. In both cases mistakes can be made, no matter how diligent you are. Working with many food and drink businesses we understand these processes and can ensure you have the right cover in place should someone become injured or ill. 

5. Have you been keeping on top of reviewing the insurance as your business grows? 

We understand and appreciate the issues you deal with as a food and drink business - from production, to suppliers, distribution, perishability and rising costs. There are health and safety issues, as well as factors beyond your control: the impact of the obesity crisis and consequent sugar tax and a call for salt reduction and healthier options. 

It is easy therefore to forget to insure against this background and that you are getting the regular advice you need, to make sure your business is fully protected. Getting the support from a company that understands the food and drink industry really makes a difference. 

NFU Mutual Wessex agency have relationships with a number of local food and drink manufacturers – from small family bakeries to large national drinks companies. Not only do we understand your industry, but as a insurance specialist in food and drink, we are on your doorstep to provide a local personal service. 

Should you like to obtain further advice on any of the above, please contact: 

Kesia Watkins-Jones 
Account Executive 
NFU Mutual Wessex agency 
01929 553472