Don't live with regrets

We've all had moments of regret having rushed into something without truly understanding its implications - act in haste, repent at leisure.

Often these are little things - leaving the house on a cloudy day with no umbrella, or opening another bottle of Sauvignon Blanc at dinner. These will leave you with nothing more than damp clothing or a sore head in the morning.

But what about a financial investment which you felt confident about but which ultimately performed less well than you'd hoped or, worse, left a large hole in your bank balance. Depending on the depth of your commitment this might leave you suffering more than one or two sleepless nights.

According to research conducted by Unbiased over a third of people who purchased or arranged a financial product themselves later regretted the decision.

But why would anyone risk their long-term financial security by placing their money in a pension or investment fund without first seeking professional advice?

There is some good free guidance out there - for example, if you are unsure about current pension rules then it is worth reading information online at Pension Wise and the Pension Advisory Service. However, these will not recommend products or suggest what course of action you should take.

This is why, when considering the value of financial advice, you should always weigh up the cost against the potential long-term financial benefits. A good adviser can really help you live for today and plan for tomorrow.

Ready for advice

No matter where you are in life, it's always good to know you’ve a plan  in place. At NFU Mutual we’re dedicated to helping you plan now for your future finances and set realistic targets that match your needs.

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