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Leila Julie Weston - 12/12/2017

"The service I received from NFU Mutual and SBS Insurance Services was excellent. My claim was dealt with most efficiently. Thank you."

Paul Bonetti - 29/11/2017

"The service we received was excellent. Both my wife and I work in financial services which can involve insurance products so we know how important the level of support is when needed. The level of service from our local NFU Mutual was very impressive, in particular Kelly Stern who handled our claim. It was personal and professional. We were kept informed though out the claims process. We have been so impressed we have decided to also place our contents insurance with NFU Mutual as we feel that they will be there for us if we need to make a claim. Thank you Kelly for all your help and support. I also know our local tradesman who completed the work was very impressed with the communication and speedy settlement of their invoice. I will have no hesitation recommending you to friends and family. It's also very reassuring that you are true to your claims in your TV adverts which just goes to prove what an honest and reliable insurer NFU Mutual are. Thanks again for all your help and support."

Jenneth Moore - 14/11/2017

"Aidan and I are very grateful to you for your help with this claim. It was handled in an efficient and kindly way and we are very happy with the outcome."

Peter Bell - 22/08/2017

"Thank you for your help with my mobile claim. Very quick response and outcome. Once again I find your company very helpful, and always there with speedy help."

Bruce Tompson - 17/08/2017

"Having worked in the insurance industry most of my life, I judge the quality of an insurer by the efficient and effective manner in which they handle claims. Today, people are perhaps focusing on price and only realise when it comes to making a claim that they wished they had been more selective in their choice of insurer.

Having transferred both my car and household insurance to NFU Mutual, I recently had to make a claim on my household insurance. I contacted the local Agent who had handled the earlier transfer and enquired whether a claim was possible, it was and they explained the process that was executed very efficiently. Making a claim can in itself be very stressful but frankly the empathetic manner in which NFU Mutual Pulborough conducted themselves during the whole process and arranged prompt settlement of the claim, was very much appreciated."

William Winter - 03/08/2017

"I would like to say that as far as yourself, and your office, was concerned, I was, as usual, very satisfied with the service provided."

Gina Minoletti - 27/07/2017

"Thank you so much for such speedy action and a stress-free outcome."

Caro Campbell - 15/06/2017

"I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at NFU Mutual Pulborough. Whenever I ring up for help and advice they are always so helpful and understanding. Everything gets sorted with no fuss and no frustration. I could not be more pleased with the exceptional service."

Tamara Gray – 30/05/2017

"I was delighted by the swift and efficient response and handling of my claim. As ever NFU Mutual treat their customers with respect and professionalism."

R J Marmion – 23/03/2017

"I would like to thank you for your understanding, support and guidance in settling our claim for repairing the damage from a water leak.

It is always distressing when something like this happens and it is great to feel that someone is batting on your side rather than trying to find a reason not to help."

Richard Whitcomb – 13/03/2017

"Our claim was handled excellently by NFU Mutual and Cunningham Lindsey from the moment we reported the damage to NFU Mutual. They organised a visit from Mr Paul Harrison, Property Adjuster of Cunningham Lindsey, and he visited my wife and I shortly after the damage occurred. Paul was extremely helpful and informative and followed up his visit with a written account of the action he proposed with the figures involved.
Our overall experience with this matter has been very positive; the outcome very satisfactory, and all handled professionally throughout."

Linda Phelps – 16/02/2017

"I was extremely happy with the service I received from NFU Mutual. The service was informative (e.g. how would the claim affect my premium), helpful and rapid. I was impressed."