Stop wasps nesting in your home

Avoid the hassle of dealing with a wasps' nest

If you're noticing wasps in more concentrated numbers, either in your garden, or worse, in your home, it's likely there's a nest nearby. 

Prevention is best practice

Of course the best way to deal with wasps in your home is to discourage them from nesting there in the first place. 

Follow these useful tips to keep the wasps away:

  • Cover sugary drinks when you’re drinking outside
  • Clean up crumbs and spillages from patios and outdoor eating areas
  • Make sure dustbin lids are tightly closed and rubbish is regularly removed
  • Fill potential entry points like cracks and gaps on the outside of your home
  • Plant sweet-smelling and flowering plants away from windows and doors
  • Pick up fallen and rotting fruit from your garden
  • Don’t leave pet food outside
  • Buy a decoy nest to hang near your home – wasps are territorial and won’t start a new nest close to an existing one

Locating a nest

If you do suspect a wasps’ nest in your home, carefully follow the path of the returning wasps to find its location. Wasps are attracted to shady and protected areas, and often make their nests under the eaves of houses, or in loft spaces and wall cavities that they can access through gaps in tiles or brickwork.

In spring and early summer the nests start off quite small, around the size of a golf ball. But over the summer they can grow rapidly – sometimes to larger than the size of a football – and can contain up to 6,000 wasps.

How to get rid of a wasps' nest

If wasps are nesting in your property, they should be dealt with quickly. But beware. Whatever size the nest, disturbing it is likely to anger the wasps inside and may cause them to attack. This can be a real danger, especially if you’re allergic or sensitive to stings.

The best advice is to get a professional to deal with the nest for you. But before paying a pest control company to come out to your home, it's worth checking your home insurance policy first. Some insurance products, such as our Home Emergency Cover, will include cover in the event of vermin infestations.