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Security for art and antiques

Whether you’re an experienced collector or the current custodian of objects that have been in your family for generations, you can be sure the art and antiques in your possession aren't just of value to you. They're also worth something to criminals.

Follow these tips to keep your precious pieces safe and secure. And if the worst does happen, you’ll have the best possible chance of your items being returned.

1. Photography

Taking photographs of your items makes it much easier to identify them if they’re stolen and recovered, and they’ll greatly improve your chances of getting them back.

2. Registering 

Immobilise is the national property database. All suspected stolen items recovered by the police are checked against the database to see if they’ve been registered by their rightful owner. You can register almost any kind of item on the database for free

3. Inventory

It’s far easier to write a description of your item when you’re looking at it rather than trying to remember it in the event of a theft. When writing the description, think about the following details:

  • Type of object – what is it?
  • Materials – what is it made of?
  • Measurements – how big is it? What’s the weight?
  • Markings – are there any hallmarks, signatures or damage?
  • Title – does the object have a name? If it’s a painting, is there a title?
  • Maker – who created it?
  • Subject – what does the object represent?
  • Date or period – is it 19th Century? Is it art deco?

4. Marking 

Property marking, is becoming increasingly popular, not only because it’s an effective way for owners to identify their items if stolen, but because it’s also a powerful deterrent. Marked property is much more difficult to pass on, and handling it increases the chances of getting caught. Before you undertake property marking for an antique or piece of art, please consult an expert to see what method best suits the object in question.

5. Insurance

Finally, make sure you’re insured for the full replacement cost of all your pieces. If they’re taken and not recovered, you don’t want to lose the extra value that’s built up over the years.

We can help find a tailored insurance solution that best suits your pieces. NFU Mutual Bespoke Home Insurance cover has been specifically designed to cover high-value items, giving you peace of mind.