Tidy Farmyard Awards

NFU Mutual are pleased to announce the 2019 ‘Tidy Farmyard Awards’.  This competition aims to recognise those who make a special effort to ensure farmyards are as safe and practical as they can be.

Unlike last year where this competition was only run in Northern Ireland, this year we have opened it up further. This year we will be taking nominations from:

  • Northern Ireland
  • Wales
  • South West England (Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset)

In order to enter, you need to submit four pictures showing the farmyard at its tidiest. Winners will be recognised and presentations made at agricultural shows this summer.

Who can enter?

You don’t need to be a farmer yourself to nominate a farm. If you think your local farmer, family member or friend puts a special effort into keeping their farmyard tidy, please nominate them for the award. Be sure to gain permission before taking pictures of their farm and submitting an entry on their behalf.

What are the judges looking for?

Maintaining a well-kept farmyard can have a positive impact on both efficiency and safety. To maximise the chance of  being crowned the ‘Tidiest Farmyard 2019’, bear in mind that our judges will be looking at how the design of the farmyard, its general tidiness and the approach you take to health and safety all contribute to making the farm as safe and practical as it can be. For example, your pictures could show how the person you're nominating:

  • Separate the farm and home
  • Store machinery and equipment on the farm
  • Approach signage, warnings and marked routes for deliveries
  • Fence off dangerous areas

Take a look at the winning photos from last year's winner.

How to Enter

You can send us a paper submission by downloading the application form, and emailing it to us at Tidy_FarmyardAward@nfumutual.co.uk