An independent survey we use to help improve our service

Service Tick is used to review UK insurance companies, and we use it to gather feedback from our customers.

We monitor customers' NFU Mutual reviews to provide us with invaluable information about their satisfaction with our service.

How it works

When a claim is closed, we email a survey to the policyholder who then reviews the quality of our service.

Our customers are asked to answer questions like “How satisfied were you with the service providers we appointed?”. And after scoring us out of five they tell us why they gave those scores. 

We review and learn from this instant feedback on a product by product basis. So comments from our home insurance customers assist us in our aim to be rated as one of the best home insurance providers. 

We send surveys to NFU Mutual Home Insurance, NFU Mutual Motor Insurance and NFU Mutual Equine Insurance customers, who give us invaluable insight into their experiences.

Our Agents and Customer Service teams use these reviews to learn about our performance and change things where we can, to become better.

We show our most recent customer satisfaction ratings on our website, where you can also find some comments from their NFU Mutual review. 

Here are just some of the comments from our Service Tick surveys.

What our Equine Insurance customers said . . .

“Very good and quick and helpful from start to finish. Best equine insurance without a doubt. NFU Mutual take the time to explain in plain words, not jargon many don’t understand. Great job NFU Mutual. Very, very impressed." Miss K., Bridgewater.

“Couldn’t ask for a better service, friendly and helpful team making process so quick and easy during my difficult time of losing my horse. Highly recommended! Will be a returning customer when the time comes. Thank you!” Miss S., Isle of Islay.

Source: Service Tick. Data for closed equine claims July to September 2017.

What our Motor Insurance customers said . . .

"My first experience of your service, and was impressed indeed. I am going to investigate changing more house insurance to NFU Mutual. I do like to talk to someone face to face, so will try and call in to your office in Royston soon.” Mrs B., Royston.

“What was an extremely upsetting experience was met with so much kindness and understanding from everybody it became more of a plus instead of a minus in my life. Very professional staff, well trained.” Mrs R., Frome.

Source: Service Tick. Data for closed motor claims (excludes glass claims) July to September 2017.

What our Home Insurance customers said . . .

“Luckily I have very few reasons to claim on any insurance policy. Public perception is that it can be a chore, my experience with NFU Mutual was anything but. Prompt, professional and fair. I have already recommended NFU Mutual to family and friends.” Mr T., Ripon.

“Unfortunately we have needed the services on NFU Mutual claims staff on two occasions within a comparatively short period of time. Considering that both these instances involved crimes against us, our property and, to us, some precious items were lost, we found that the NFU Mutual personnel to be efficient, effective caring, confident and totally re-assuring. We are so pleased we chose to move to NFU Mutual for our home insurance and always praise your organisation when speaking insurance providers.” Mr M., Blandford Forum.

Source: Service Tick. Data for closed non-motor claims (excludes legal expenses) July to September 2017.