An independent survey we use to help improve our service

Service Tick is used to review UK insurance companies, and we use it to gather feedback from our customers.

We monitor customers' NFU Mutual reviews to provide us with invaluable information about their satisfaction with our service.

How it works

When a claim is closed, we email a survey to the policyholder who then reviews the quality of our service.

Our customers are asked to answer questions like “How satisfied were you with the service providers we appointed?”. And after scoring us out of five they tell us why they gave those scores. 

We review and learn from this instant feedback on a product by product basis. So comments from our home insurance customers assist us in our aim to be rated as one of the best home insurance providers. 

We send surveys to NFU Mutual Home Insurance, NFU Mutual Motor Insurance and NFU Mutual Equine Insurance customers, who give us invaluable insight into their experiences.

Our Agents and Customer Service teams use these reviews to learn about our performance and change things where we can, to become better.

We show our most recent customer satisfaction ratings on our website, where you can also find some comments from their NFU Mutual review. 

Here are just some of the comments from our Service Tick surveys

What our Motor Insurance customers said . . .

“NFU Mutual staff are approachable, efficient and speedy. Their friendly approach makes it a pleasant experience as far as a claim can be. It appears that one person deals with the claim throughout and therefore has knowledge of it if there are any queries. Excellent service!” Mrs W., a customer of the Moreton in Marsh office.

“Hopefully claiming is, and will be, a very rare occurrence for any of my insurances, and this being a low level claim; it was very nice how each staff member patiently walked me throughout the process that was required. Great staff! Very happy, and thank you.” Mr B., a Mutual Direct customer.

Source: Service Tick. Data for closed motor claims (excludes glass claims) October to December 2017.

What our Home Insurance customers said . . .

“The response I received was immediate and very helpful. The test of any insurance is the manner in which a claim is handled - in my recent experience NFU Mutual’s behaviour was exemplary. I was looking to switch to a less expensive policy but would not consider it now. Thank you NFU Mutual.” Mr V., a customer of the Lincoln office.

“The whole claim was handled so well! It was easy and quick with no fuss. It was a very personal service and I had full faith throughout the whole proceedings that what was said was delivered; and it certainly was. This elevated all the worry and stress.” Ms M., a customer of the Ilminster office.

Source: Service Tick. Data for closed non-motor claims (excludes legal expenses) October to December 2017.

What our Equine Insurance customers said . . .

“Sadly I have had to make quite a few claims over the past few years but the team are so helpful. It’s stressful when your horse has an accident or a tough veterinary diagnosis, but having a knowledgeable and sympathetic person on the phone helps make the insurance claim one of the least difficult aspects of a difficult situation. NFU Mutual don’t quibble; they may not be the cheapest, but the service is second to none.” Mrs S., a Mutual Direct customer.

“You basically saved my wonderful horses life. She had choked and had to go to a hospital. Without you my horse would no longer be here as there’s no way I could have paid the vet bill.” Mrs D., a customer of the Newton Abbott office.

Source: Service Tick. Data for closed equine claims October to December 2017.