What type of insurance does a hairdresser need?

hairdresser cutting a blonde persons hair

Whether your hairdressing business is just starting out or you’ve established a well-known business over the years, you and your business need the right level of insurance.

Without hairdressing insurance, any claims made against you will come out of your business’ pocket. So, here’s a deep dive into what hairdressing insurance will cover and why it’s important.

What should insurance for a hairdresser include?

From staff and customer injuries, all the way to property damages, liability cover helps protect businesses like yours from any legal liabilities you could come up against. Covering an array of potential day-to-day occurrences and circumstances, read on to find out what the different types of liability insurance typically include.

Employers’ Liability 

Legally, employers’ liability cover for hairdressers and salon owners who employ staff, contractors or temporary workers is a requirement. Why? This is to ensure you and your employees are protected if an employee suffers an injury or illness at work for which you are legally liable.

For example, if one of your employees is injured or falls ill with a skin reaction caused through the use of hair chemicals and the correct training or gloves was not provided, you’ll be covered by any compensation claims made against you. Not only will Employers’ Liability protect your hairdressing business for the future, but it will also give you peace of mind in the present.

Public Liability 

This is important for all hairdressers and salon owners, but comes in particularly handy with mobile hairdressers insurance. Public liability covers claims against you when it comes to customer and public injuries, as well as their damages to their property.

An example of this could be if a customer’s ear is accidentally cut with scissors, or they slip and injure themselves on a floor that hasn’t been properly swept. So you’ll have financial protection as well as reassurance in your business day-to-day.

Product Liability

As a hairdresser, you’ll be using a variety of products on your clients and you may also be selling these products. From shampoos and conditioners to chemical treatments, no matter how often you use these products and how trusted they are, there’s a chance that your products could cause injury or illness to your customers. For example, a customer’s scalp could be left burnt after certain bleaching treatments.

With product liability cover, you and your business will be protected against claims from using such products where you are legally liable. This is covered when you choose hairdressing insurance with us.

Protecting your money and takings

As well as protecting your business against claims made against you, it’s also important to take out hairdressing insurance to protect your takings with money and malicious attack cover.

This will cover any loss or theft of your hairdressing business’ money on the premises during business hours, giving you peace of mind day in, day out. Plus, it also covers thefts from a safe on your premises that take place overnight.

As well as providing protection for you and your earnings whilst on your business’ premises, money and malicious attack cover also applies to incidents that take place when your takings are being taken to the bank. We will also pay fixed amounts for specified injuries and for professional counselling fees (subject to limits) if you or any employee suffer an assault following a theft in connection with your business.

Avoiding interruption to your business

Business Interruption cover can protect against loss of income or gross profit that a business might suffer after an unexpected event, such as damage to your property caused by fire or flood which means that your business is unable to trade.

Not only will this give you the reassurance that your hairdressing business or salon is in safe hands, but you can continue to build strong and consistent relationships with your clients. Ensuring your business is back up and running as soon as possible, you’re able to continue with business requests and appointments as usual, avoiding the loss of any clientele and income, causing minimal disruption.

Covering contents and stock

As a hairdresser or salon owner, you’re bound to have an array of expensive and exclusive products. With contents and stock cover within your hairdressing insurance, you can replace stock in the case of damage or theft. So you can get back up and running as soon as possible.

Buildings and fixtures and fittings

Cover for buildings and fixtures and fittings is important for hairdressers, as it can provide valuable protection against a wide range of potential losses like vandalism to the salon premises or damage to the styling chairs and washbasins.

The cover you choose will depend on your circumstances and your local NFU Mutual agency office will take the time to understand these needs and explain the full details, including any limits and exclusions that may apply, to help ensure it‘s right for you.