Income Drawdown

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One of the most popular ways to take money from a pension pot is through Income Drawdown, which is available once you reach 55 (57 from 2028).

You’re in control and you have the flexibility to increase and decrease the amounts you take and can stop and restart income withdrawals to suit your circumstances.

You need to consider the advantages and disadvantages before deciding what to do.

We have a detailed guide about Income Drawdown which you can pick up at your local agency office or you can speak to an NFU Mutual Financial Adviser who will help you review your options to decide if Income Drawdown is right for you. 

Here are just some of the key issues to consider:


  • Your pension fund remains invested
  • Tax efficient growth potential
  • Flexibility
  • You choose your income payments
  • Investment choice
  • On death any remaining funds can be passed on


  • The value of your pension pot could fall
  • Any income taken assessed for income tax
  • You could run out of money
  • You’ll need to monitor your investments regularly
  • Restrictions on the amount of pension contributions you or your employer can make

It can be daunting deciding what to do with your pension pot, but it’s an important step to securing your financial future. We strongly recommend that you speak with Pension Wise - a Government Service that offers free, impartial guidance to help you understand your pension options. If you would like us to book you an appointment with them, please call us on 0800 622 323  or you can contact Pension Wise direct.

Alternatively, you can speak to our Financial Advisers who can help you review all your options and help you make the right choices.

More useful information

Remember that shopping around and reviewing the pension products available from different providers will help you to choose a pension product or withdrawal option which best suits your needs and circumstances and may offer a higher level of retirement income.

You should be aware that the value of your pension may go down and you may get back less than you invested.

The tax treatment of pensions depends on individual circumstances and may change in the future.

When you contact us we'll explain the advice services we offer and the charges. NFU Mutual Financial Advisers advise on NFU Mutual products and selected products from specialist providers.

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