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Horsebox insurance


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As a rural insurer, we realise that your horsebox is more than just a means of transporting your horse. That's why our horsebox insurance has been developed with your needs in mind; leaving you free to concentrate on the things that matter most.

Sometimes the type of cover is more important than the price. By talking to us you can find out what is covered by our horsebox insurance to ensure it's right for you.

Horsebox insurance features

NFU Mutual's motor insurance offers many features and benefits to protect your horsebox. The following feature is just an example, if you want more information please view the full policy document:

  • Horse Road Rescue Service
    our specialist optional Horsebox Road Rescue Service can arrange emergency transport and stabling of horses for up to £15 per horse per night (up to 2 nights stay)

Limitations and exclusions apply. To learn more about our horsebox insurance cover you can view the policy document or contact your local branch.

Limitations and exclusions apply.

Please ensure you read the insurance policy document in full before you decide to proceed with any purchase.

Useful articles

We know the importance of protecting your horsebox and equine equipment. Our range of useful articles can help you properly maintain your equipment and ensure it's kept safe.

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