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Principles and Practices of Financial Management

Principles and Practices of Financial Management (PPFM)

As of 1st May 2022 we have amended our PPFM. The changes made provide greater clarity on how the With-Profits fund is managed and improve the overall structure, language and layout of the document. We are committed to managing our With-Profits Funds in a fair and transparent way with the aim of delivering consistent returns to you as a policyholder.

If you were an existing customer before 1st May 2022 the new PPFM will become effective from 30th September 2022 to allow us to provide 3 months notice of the change. You will receive a notification from us on these changes. You can view the version of the PPFM that is applicable to existing customers before 1st May. 

For new customers who are considering investment in our With-Profits Fund from 1st May 2022 then the new version of the PPFM will apply from your investment date.

From 30th September 2022 existing investors will move to the new version of the PPFM.

To help you understand the changes that we have made we have produced a Frequently Asked Questions document.

If you have any questions about these changes then please contact us on 0800 622 323.

We have also produced an appendix to the PPFM. This contains additional useful information about our With-Profits business.

Unitised With-Profits

We call a With-Profits policy unitised when your investment buys units in the With-Profits Fund. If you want to invest in a new unitised With-Profits policy or you have one of the following NFU Mutual policies, you should read Your Guide to Our Funds [PDF: 242KB].

  • Flexibond
  • Shrewd Savings Plan ISA
  • Personal Pension Account
  • Additional Voluntary Contributions Plan
  • Group Personal Pension Plan

If you have one of the following NFU Mutual policies, which are unitised With-Profits but no longer open to new business, and require further information please contact us on 0800 622 323.

  • Capital Access Bond
  • Personal Pension Plan
  • Executive Pension Plan
  • With-Profits Personal Pension Plan
  • Capital Investment Bond
  • NFU Mutual Vintage Bond

Conventional With-Profits

If you have a Conventional With-Profits contract, you should read A guide to Conventional With-Profits [PDF: 143KB]. We call a With-Profits policy conventional when we guarantee to pay out an agreed amount when the policy matures. This could be a lump sum (the sum assured) or a series of payments (an annuity or pension). NFU Mutual Conventional With-Profits policies include:

  • Endowments (a regular savings contract that promises to pay a minimum amount at the maturity date), including minimum cost endowments
  • Whole of life policies (a regular premium policy that promises to pay out a minimum amount on death), including low cost whole of life policies
  • Any other With-Profits policy taken out before 1st July 1988

With-Profits Annuity

If you have a With-Profits Annuity contract you should read A guide to the With-Profits Annuity [PDF: 186KB].