Free cyber helpline

For our small business and small farm customers

The Coronavirus outbreak has forced many businesses to quickly adapt their ways of working, such as increasing online transactions and facilitating remote working. Whilst these rapid developments have enabled many businesses to continue operating, they have also opened up significant opportunities for cyber criminals to take advantage of businesses and employees through cybercrimes such as phishing attacks, fraud and data hacks.

We understand you may be worried about how to keep your small business cyber-secure during these difficult times. This is why we have partnered with a global industry leader CyberScout to offer our small business and small farm customers free access to a 24/7 cyber helpline until 31st December 2020.

Whether you want to call for proactive guidance on managing cyber risks during the Coronavirus outbreak or need support following a cyber incident in your business, the dedicated fraud, cyber and privacy experts at CyberScout are on hand to assist.

What support can the cyber helpline offer?

  • Proactive Assistance - benefit from expert advice to help strengthen your cyber defences and protect your business and employees from cyber incidents before they happen
  • Support in the event of an incident - if your business is a victim of cybercrime during the Coronavirus outbreak, you’ll get a free consultation to assess the scope of work needed to resolve the incident. If it can't be resolved during one phone call, you can then choose whether you want to further engage CyberScout’s services
  • Dedicated specialist – your call will be handled by a dedicated cyber specialist
  • Response Strategy - outlining an appropriate response strategy and deliverables in event of a cyber incident
  • Liaison with Third Parties - help with notifying appropriate financial and Government organisations, social media platforms and more
  • Evidentiary support - advising on how to document all information and materials throughout the case to ensure you have all the evidence needed

Cyber FAQs

The helpline service is for our small business and small farm customers who do not have an existing cyber insurance policy, with an annual turnover up to £3 million and less than ten employees. You’ll just need to provide your NFU Mutual business policy number when you call. Please note, personal cyber matters are not covered by this helpline.

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It is free to call the helpline and discuss your cyber queries, concerns and incidents.

If you have a cyber incident you need help to resolve, the CyberScout team will talk through your case with you. If they are able to resolve your incident on the phone, there will be no additional costs incurred. However, some incidents may be too complex or require additional investigation which is beyond the scope of a single phone call. In this case, the team will fully scope your case and present you with a plan of action and associated costs to handle and resolve your incident. If you wish to go ahead with their quote, you will be liaising directly with CyberScout. Any additional costs and support are not covered by NFU Mutual, and these costs are not recoverable under your NFU Mutual policy.

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No, there’s no limit to the number of times you can call, up until 30th December 2020.

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This is a free helpline service only and not connected to an NFU Mutual insurance product. If you would like to talk to NFU Mutual about cyber insurance cover, please contact your local Agency or Mutual Direct.

If you have existing cyber insurance cover, you should follow the recommended claims procedure in your policy.

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Examples of cybercrime against businesses include:

  • A hacker stealing customer information from a retail company’s network
  • Customer bank account data being stolen, sold, and used to create false identities for criminals
  •  A social engineering criminal calling an employee, posing as IT/Tech support to gain login details to gain access to the company server
  • An employee clicking a phishing link that releases a ransomware virus, leading to a total shut-down of all systems for employees and customers
  • A hacker stealing business and customer data, and threatening to make it public if the business does not pay
  • A Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack occurs and an online retail business is overloaded by a malicious party, causing the website to go down and subsequently, a significant loss of revenue.

You can find more about cybercrime affecting businesses during Coronavirus at Action Fraud.

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CyberScout have industry-leading experience with all types of preventative and responsive cyber security measures for your business. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Improving system security settings, running scans, training tips for employees
  • Checking a suspicious email or request
  • Auditing your current system and processes
  • Privacy and data breaches, and any subsequent liability action against your business
  • Social engineering and cybercrime targeting employees, particularly working during remote working situations
  • System and data restoration following an attack
  • Support and facilitation of payments if required in the event of extortion and ransomware
  • Business interruption as a result of a cyber attack
  • Managing reputational damage following a cyber-attack on your business
  • Monitoring services for your business’ credit and data available on the Dark Web
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CyberScout have been a global industry leader for over 15 years, setting the gold standard for identity and data defence services. Combining ‘on the ground’ experience with personal service, they work to help commercial clients and individuals to minimise risk and maximise recovery.

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You may be able to take out Cyber insurance cover after a cyber incident, however the circumstances will need to be assessed.  Please contact your local NFU Mutual Agent or Mutual Direct if you would like to discuss Cyber insurance cover.

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A separate Cyber insurance policy can be arranged by NFU Mutual through a panel of carefully selected insurance partners. Please contact your local office or Mutual Direct for details.

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