NFU Mutual and Brexit

What will Brexit mean for NFU Mutual policies?

The vast majority of our customers’ policies will not be affected by Brexit. Typically NFU Mutual customers insure their homes, farms, cars and much more in the United Kingdom, and customers with insurance policies for these UK risks won’t see any change to their cover.

A small number of NFU Mutual customers insure risks in the Republic of Ireland. There are some potential outcomes of the Brexit negotiations that might affect these policies and we have communicated directly with customers who have any of these policies.

We will continue to monitor the political and regulatory landscapes closely and we will communicate to our customers as soon as we have further relevant information.

The Government’s website provides information to help businesses and organisations prepare for Brexit:

Green Cards and driving your car abroad

In the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit, all NFU Mutual motor insurance policies will still be effective in the EEA. The international breakdown cover provided to our policyholders will also operate as normal. 

However, if you intend to drive your vehicle abroad after the UK leaves the EU, you may need a Green Card, which is a form of international motor insurance certification, to provide evidence of your insurance to the local authorities.

When and how to apply for a Green Card

There is no immediate need to apply for a Green Card. The extension to the Brexit deadline has meant the possibility of a ‘no deal’ scenario has been pushed back until 31st October 2019. In all other circumstances, a Green Card will not be needed when driving in the EEA. 

If you expect to be driving in Europe after October 31st, you may need to apply for one approximately two weeks before you travel. We have no plans to charge for Green Cards.

Travel insurance and the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

In the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit, the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) may no longer apply.  This makes it even more important that you have appropriate travel insurance in place to cover medical costs while you are travelling in an EU country, in the same way as you would when travelling to a non-EU country. For information on the cover NFU Mutual travel insurance provides, please speak to your local Agent or call Mutual Direct on 0800 316 4661.

NFU Mutual Life Policyholders who are currently living in the EU outside of the UK

If you are an NFU Mutual Life Policyholder who has moved outside of the UK to another EU country then NFU Mutual will continue to honour your policy regardless of the outcome or timings of the Brexit process.