Avian Influenza Insurance

Protection against the cost of infection

The risk of Avian Influenza (AI) is always at the forefront of the minds of poultry farmers, with every producer keen to minimise the risk of infection to their own farm and the wider industry.

The cost of an AI outbreak can be immense so having the right cover in place is essential. An outbreak can include the loss of birds, clean up costs and the loss of revenue while the farm is being cleaned and before it is restocked.

What we can offer

      • As the UK’s leading rural insurer, we’re continuing our partnership with Markel, the Lloyd's of London Syndicate, to bring together a range of expertise and knowledge in AI 
      • Whether you're a free range turkey farmer or raise housed broilers, our flexible AI policy provides cover tailored to your type of business
      • With a network of over 295 agency offices nationwide, we can get to know you and your farm.

This cover includes

  • Existing flock cover - Provides insurance cover for the immediate financial loss to the infected flock, and the lost gross margin at any given point of the production cycle.
  • 3 months loss of gross margin - A pre-agreed fixed defined benefit which represents the first three months loss of production payable upfront following AI infection and government slaughter.
  • Secondary Cleansing and Disinfection - Now available from £50,000 increasing in batches of £25,000 up to £200,000 (higher limits available on request).
  • All risks Mortality cover - We provide cover for the death of any birds caused by AI within 21 days prior to the date of the slaughter order by DEFRA.
  • Consequential Loss Cover – Tailored cover to provide business interruption cover when your poultry farm is infected with AI and any other part of your ancillary business is affected.
  • Guaranteed policy renewal - Subject to the payment of an additional 10% of your Policy premium.