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Farm Essentials insurance

Peace of mind –
up to 50 hectares

farmer in field

Farm Essentials - Insurance Overview

We understand that smaller farms have specific needs. Whether you keep cattle or grow crops, sell some produce at your gate or run a Pick Your Own, it’s important to know that you’re properly protected. We offer a comprehensive, value for money insurance package that includes all the essentials you need as standard. Then, because we don’t want you to pay more than is necessary, we give you the flexibility to add a little extra cover that’s right for your farm and all the activities you might typically carry out on it.

It doesn’t matter if running a farm’s new to you, or your family’s been farming for generations, our Agents are here to help you make the right insurance decisions. And when it counts, we won’t quibble on paying claims.

Farm Essentials features

Farm Essentials insurance is packed full of benefits that really matter to smaller farms, all at a fair price. The following features are just a few examples, if you want more information please view the full policy document.

  • Farm and equipment cover
    Cover for your buildings, stock and contents such as machinery and essential tools
  • Public Liability
    £10 million – you’re protected if any member of the public suffers an injury or damage to their property because of your farm’s activities
  • Employer Liability
    £10 million – so you always know that your family, employees and anyone else that helps out on your farm are covered
  • Environmental Liability
    Environmental Liability Regulations mean you are liable for clean up costs if you accidentally contaminate the soil or water on your property or the surrounding land - that’s why we provide £2 million cover as standard with a minimum £500 excess.

Speak to your local Agent for full details of the policy, including any limitations and exclusions that may apply. Our local service means we know you personally, allowing us to be here for you when it counts.


If you run a larger farm over 50 hectares or think the complexity of your 
farm calls for greater levels of cover, find out more about our Farm Select insurance cover.

Supporting smaller farms

Jimmy Doherty knows all about life on a smaller farm. His passion for rare breeds began just 10 years ago on a small farm in Suffolk. So we’re delighted that Jimmy’s given our Farm Essentials insurance his backing. Whether you’re already running a successful small farm, or are starting out from 
scratch, ask your local Agent about all the ways we can support you.