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NFU Mutual SafetyHub for small farms

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NFU Mutual Safety Hub for small farms

The online tool that gives an ongoing view of your farm’s health and safety risks

NFU Mutual SafetyHub, designed for small farms, enables you to create an ongoing view of your farm’s risk management needs, for just £150+VAT per year. This will provide a fully automated, interactive solution to help you manage risk and remain health and safety compliant.

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More than three farm workers?

Just £150+VAT in year one

NFU Mutual SafetyHub for small farms spares you the complexity and cost of health and safety risk management. It offers you the chance to reduce the potential for accidents and maintain a happy, healthy workforce.

Built around your team

NFU Mutual SafetyHub gives you the flexibility to tailor your approach to risk to the specific needs of your business. It provides a versatile solution which you can develop as and when you feel necessary.

Reflects the latest regulations

NFU Mutual SafetyHub will help you remain compliant with the laws and best practice that affect your farm from health and safety to fire regulations.