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Flexibility and a choice of funds

Our Flexibond product is designed as a long-term investment to be held for at least five years, and offers you a choice of how to invest.

To open a Flexibond policy with a lump sum you must invest at least £5,000 (or £20,000 if you are aged between 80 and 84). You can also open a policy by making monthly contributions of £50 or yearly payments of £600.

Policyholders who took out a product before 21st June 2019 can continue to make regular monthly contributions of £25 per month, or £300 per year. 

Once you have opened your policy you can invest lump sums of £1,000 or more and/or make monthly contributions. 

You can also start, stop or change your regular contributions whenever you like.

  • Long-term investment
  • Add lump sums or make regular contributions
  • Offers a choice of funds to suit your needs

Full details can be found in the Key Features of the NFU Mutual Flexibond [PDF: 202KB] document. Please make sure you read and understand it before you decide to proceed with any purchase.

Flexibond Funds

We have a number of funds available for Flexibond investors. They have varying levels of risk to suit different investors.

There are two types of funds:

  • Mutually Managed: Investing in a mix of assets and markets - for investors wanting to leave the investment decisions to us
  • Market Selection: Funds investing in a single type of asset or market - these are for investors wanting to take a more active role in decisions.

Full details about all of our funds are available in the Fund Centre section of our website.