Cover is a lifeline for two customers

Should anything happen to you in the future, you’ll want to know that your loved ones are financially secure.

We interviewed two women who found a financial lifeline in the Life Cover and Protection products when their lives were suddenly turned upside down.

“Immense relief” for injured horse lover

Horse lover Victoria was critically injured when helping a friend break in a young horse. “I was completely immobilised for six weeks”, she recalls. “The realisation that I wouldn’t be able to work was absolutely terrifying.” 
Thankfully, just months before the accident, Victoria’s local NFU Mutual Financial Adviser had advised her to take out Income Protection. “Without it, we probably would have had to sell our home. The relief when it was confirmed my claim was accepted was immense,” says Victoria. 
She adds: “My recovery was a lot quicker than I had anticipated, which was down to the intensive physiotherapy I received as part of my policy. There is no way I could have ever afforded this myself.” 

“Life changing” protection for mother of four

Keen to plan for the future for her four children, Clare and her husband were having an ‘organising year’. This included speaking to an NFU Mutual Financial Adviser, who recommended they both take out Life insurance and Critical Illness cover with our partner insurance company AIG.  
Soon after, Clare received a devastating breast cancer diagnosis. Which was a great shock, but she was relieved to know her Critical Illness cover was able to provide an £80,000 lump sum.

“As I am self-employed, I felt a huge burden had been lifted and it meant that I did not have to try to work during treatment. We were so touched that our Financial Adviser took the time to work with us to get the right cover – we couldn’t thank NFU Mutual enough for going above and beyond”, she says. “It was truly life-changing”. 
As was the case for Victoria and Clare, Life, Critical Illness and Income Protection products can make a huge difference for you and your family should you need to make a claim.  

These are based on a real life scenarios, names have been changed to protect the identity of the customers and their stories have been printed with permission. Victoria and Clare have requested pseudonyms for these case studies. 

Get covered

There are two ways you can get the Life Cover and Protection you need, by making decisions about what is best for your circumstances with the support of an NFU Mutual Financial Adviser, with our advised service, or by making those decisions yourself, through our non-advised service.

Our advised service provides the help of NFU Mutual Financial Advisers who can guide you in setting up life cover and protection to suite your personal cricumstances. Our non-advised service is designed for people who have carried out an assessment of their own personal circumstances and know the type of life cover they want and the level of protection they need.