Farm Risk "I've always done it that way"

As the UK’s leading rural insurer, we understand the pressure farmers are under. But cutting corners and taking unnecessary risks can lead to accidents, injuries and fatalities that are often simple to prevent. That’s why we’re working closely with all of our customers and changing the way the farming industry thinks about safety.

  • Over the past five years, 10% of all fatal injuries in farming were as a result of contact with machinery*
  • Falling from height or being struck by a falling object account for nearly 30% of all fatalities in agriculture*
  • Injuries from ATV accidents are, at best, life-changing, but often fatal

 Find out how to make your farm safer.

*HSE annual workplace fatality statistics 2016/2017

Download [1.4KB] a transcript of the farm safety video.  

Take advantage of our NFU Mutual funded SafetyHub, if you are a Farmimg Member. SafetyHub provides a fully automated, interactive solution to help you manage risk and remain health and safety compliant.

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Farm Safety Foundation - We fund this award-winning registered charity which raises awareness of farm safety among younger farmers (16-40) and, through engagement and education, challenge and change their risk-taking behaviours. Take a closer look at the work they are doing.