NFU Mutual Marlborough Thatched Home Evening

On Thursday 28th October 2021 the NFU Mutual Marlborough organised a Thatched Home Evening at a thatched pub, The Wagon and Horses in Beckhampton.

The evening was very well attended and the pub provided a delicious buffet. The guest speakers were very informative and homeowners found their advice and tips very useful.

Our speakers were Master Thatcher, Stuart Jones, who advised on the different types of thatch material, he brought examples of the different thatches and some of the tools he uses. He gave useful advice on how to check your thatch and what to look out for before a small issue becomes a bigger one.

Chimney Sweep, Sean Oades, who was very knowledgeable and gave advice on how to choose a chimney sweep, he explained how he approaches a sweep and uses CCTV to see the inside of the chimney or flue to check before he sweeps.

Wiltshire & Dorset Firefighter, Ollie Simons spoke about prevention of fires, tips around planning escape routes, organising valuables, smoke detectors and  how they approach a thatch fire and the response times they have.

NFU Mutual Financial Adviser, Nicola Glass gave advice on how to save for a re-thatch of your roof which could cost on average £25,000 - £40,000 depending on the size of your roof and the type of thatch used. She gave examples of the investments that NFU Mutual offer and how much you would need to save to achieve this amount of money.

Finally we had, Stove Restorers and Installers, Tom and Amanda Humphreys from a company called Stove Hunters based in Burbage. Tom and Amanda find, restore and sell antique French stoves. Their stoves burn bio ethanol and so don’t require a chimney or flu. They bought a stove with them to demonstrate how the firebox holds the fuel and is inserted inside the stove. One litre of bio ethanol burns for four hours and lets off a consistent temperature and beautiful fire glow.

If you are interested in speaking to any of our guest speakers, please call the office on 01672 519 241 and we can pass on their details.

The customers that attended have said:

I much enjoyed the thatched property evening last night and have since had my wasps dealt with and am about to get my chimney swept again! Thank you for organising it all so well.

I would like to thank all those concerned in the organisation of the thatched house owners evening last Thursday at the Wagon and Horses. Everything was excellent.