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Equine insurance claim

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How to make a claim

Call our specialist Equine Claims Department between 8.00am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday. 
To ensure your call is dealt with efficiently;

  • To notify us of a new claim  call our Equine new claims line on
    01904 683410 with details of the incident
  • If you need to make an enquiry on an existing Equine claim  call our Equine Claims Department on 01904 683645
  • Please make sure you have your policy number and/or claim number

(For security and training purposes calls may be recorded and monitored and we will only be able to discuss details of a claim with the policy holder or an individual, authorised by the policy holder).

Please contact us as soon as possible, but if urgent intervention is required  seek the advice of a vet and act in the best interests of the animal.

You should then contact us the next working day.

Your policy document will explain precisely what is and is not covered.

Please read your policy in detail before making a claim.

Claims FAQs

How do I make a new claim?

Call our Equine new claims line on 01904 683410 during office hours Monday to Friday.

Please have  your policy number and details of the incident you are wishing to claim for to hand.

We will take details of  your claim over the phone in a 10 - 15 minute call.  Under normal circumstances there will be no need for you to complete a claim form.  We will provide you with a claim number for future reference.

We will then send a claim form to your vet for their completion

We will not be able to confirm at this stage whether or not the claim will be covered.

For certain claims, we may ask you to complete a claim form.  You will be advised of this during the phone call.

Who do I contact to discuss an existing claim?

Call our specialist Equine claims department during office hours Monday to Friday on 01904 683 645. Please have your claim or policy number to hand.

We aim to settle all claims as quickly and as fairly as possible. If you need to check on the progress of your claim please do not hesitate to contact us.

When sending us documentation to support your claim, please type your claim number on a covering sheet and attach securely to the documents.  This will enable us to route your claim to the appropriate team.

National Equine Claims Unit NFU Mutual
Zenith House
Clifton Park Avenue
Shipton Road
YO30 5PB

What do I do in the event of a claim outside our office hours?

Please contact us as soon as possible but if urgent intervention is required, seek the advice of a vet and act in the best interests of the animal. You should then contact us the next working day.

Emergency Assistance

For assistance in the event of an accident or emergency involving your horse contact us at any time, day or night, on 0800 783 6091

Services offered include:

  • 24hour, 365 days Freephone access.
  • Clear advice and incident management services provided by experienced specialists.
  • Access to a specialist equine vet * or livery* of the horse or pony as a result of:
    • An accident or breakdown involving any horsebox or trailer.
    • Fire or other serious damage to the stables where the horse or pony is kept.
    • An injury to the horse or pony during a competition.
    • Any major problem or injury which affects the horse or pony anywhere in the UK.
  • Farrier referral service - if you can't contact the usual farrier, one will be contacted for you.
  • Message relay service - if you are unable to contact your family or friends, this will be done for you.
  • Emergency services liaison and co-ordination - these will be directed and organised as necessary.

* You will be charged the current market rates for any veterinary treatment, transport or livery services provided.

Where the incident involves the recovery of a motor vehicle (including horseboxes) or a trailer (including horse or livestock trailers), you must provide details of a valid debit or credit card in case we cannot validate cover immediately. Where any payment is taken and cover is later validated under another NFU Mutual policy, we will refund payment. You will still have to pay for parts used in the repair.

When do I need to notify the Police?

You must call the police as soon as possible for any incident that involves loss of personal possessions, theft, malicious damage, or if you damage someone else's property and that person cannot be contacted. Remember to obtain an incident reference number.

What do I do if someone else (a third party) is involved?

Exchange name and contact details.

It may also be useful to obtain details of any witnesses.

For Equine legal advice, contact us during office hours.

What if I have a complaint?

We welcome your views on any aspect of our service and if we fail to meet your expectations.

In the first instance please contact us on the number shown on your claim acknowledgement, or as indicated for the appropriate product on the "Reporting a claim." page.

More details about how to make a complaint can be found in the complaints section of your policy document.